Arun Saigal - Software Engineer at Quizlet

UI Challenges - Creating Content and Studying on Quizlet

Arun talks about how he developed the ability for users to create study sets on the Quizlet Android app. Some of the challenges he tackled include dealing with many EditTexts within one ListView, cell recycling and focus issues, and conflicting touch events (long press, scrolling within a cell, scrolling within the ListView, etc.). He also discusses view transitions and screen size considerations.


Arun is the Lead Android Developer at Quizlet, where he builds apps that millions of students and teachers use to help them study anything and everything. He graduated from MIT with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with a focus on artificial intelligence. Arun brings a longtime commitment to edtech, including three years as an early developer, on MIT App Inventor (an application to teach people Android development).