Adam Smialek - Software Engineer at KeepSafe

Bringing Your App into the Future - The Challenges of Updating an Existing UI to Android 4.0

Android 4.0 brought major changes to the UI paradigms in Android. Leveraging these paradigms can bring great advantages in usability to your app, as well as greater visual appeal and a more unified experience across a user’s various apps. Updating an existing code base to follow the new guidelines, however, can be tricky. Adam talks about his experience in updating KeepSafe’s UI on Android, with topics including continuing support for old Android versions, dealing with device-specific “customizations,” and creating your own interactions that don’t come straight out of the box.


Adam is a physicist and mathematician turned Software Engineer. At KeepSafe he’s focusing on Android and general Software Development. He studied physics, math, Japanese, and music at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science and the University of Oklahoma before pursuing Software Engineering independently.